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Uncertainty about the economic outlook is reflected in the transportation

The long growth period of international sea transportation turned into a decline in the end of the year 2008. In 2009, the volume of goods transported via Finnish ports decreased by 19 % compared to the record year of 2007.
In 2010, volume of traffic in ports started to grow: the volume of goods transported via Finnish ports increased by 13 % compared to the previous year. Transportation volumes continued to grow in 2011, with an increase of 5,6 % compared to the previous year.
Since the year 2011 transport volumes have varied. It is currently very difficult to forecast the development of the economy, and as a result of transports.

Transport is an important part of Finnish foreign trade

Key sectors in Finnish foreign trade are production of valuable goods, forestry, metal industry, chemicals and energy industry, as well as wholesale and retail sale and operators providing logistics and transport services for the trade industry.
Transportation and logistics have a significant impact in the competitiveness of Finnish foreign trade. Duo to our location and natural conditions a high-quality transport system is needed to ensure the competitiveness of our export of goods and logistics services. Ports, airports and border crossings as well as good land and sea connections form a system in which all parts integrate harmoniously and the different transport modes complement each other.

The share of transportation of unitized cargo has lately represented almost one third of all sea transports. Its significance is emphasized when the value of goods transported is taken into account. About
80 % of all unitized carco is shipped through four biggest unitized cargo handling ports.

Freight transport in Finnish ports in 2015 (mill. tonnes)

Finnish foreign trade transports (incl. transit transport) in 2015

Finnish foreign trade transport (incl. transit transport) and the share of unitized cargo

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